Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The world to a kid

The world as seen through the eyes of a kid.


  1. great shot. interesting perspective. that haircut of the year photo is incredible.
    nikonsniper steve

  2. wow...a comment! Thank you Nikonsnipper Steve. This is one of my own favorite photos, the perceptive and the fun of it all!
    Yeah, that haircut of the year has eyes behind his head!

  3. Oh! My how divine
    the clock is ticking and
    I have no time

    The red
    the yellow
    the blues and I tremble!

    Its now or never
    this big old bubble
    Oh! how clever

    My wee little tongue
    with so much gum
    and not one nickel or a dime
    the pink one just shines
    give me the white

    Oh! my how divine
    does anyone here have the right time.

    by evie